The HRIS software designed for today's remote world.

Optimized to handle the complexity of managing a remote workforce, and all at an affordable price.

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A Powerful HRIS for Growing Companies.

RemoteTeam is a powerful HRIS software that's perfect for growing companies.

Save Time and Money

The cost of hiring employees and managing payroll is expensive, but with RemoteTeam you can avoid these costs by automating your HRIS needs from one dashboard.

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Best-in-class HRIS software

Increase efficiency with modern payroll, time tracking and employee scheduling tools that will help you attract and retain top talent in today's competitive job market.

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The most comprehensive HRIS software for small and midsize businesses.

There are a lot of great HRIS systems out there, but none that provide the depth of features and ease-of-use for smaller remote companies like RemoteTeam does.

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RemoteTeam Key Benefits

Invoice management for everyone

Easily create, manage, and send invoices. Whether you’re a freelancer, a consultant, a remote worker, a virtual company or an independent contractor, RemoteTeam’s invoice platform is the best place to create invoices. We give you the ability to manage your estimates and job rates for all your clients.

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Payment solutions - designed for independent contractors

RemoteTeam offers 3 different payment & money transfer options to pay your contractors. Integrate TransferWise, Mercury Bank in seconds or send money with Remote Payment App. Select the best option for your business & preferences.

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Time tracking - more than 15+ options

RemoteTeam has integration with top time tracking apps in the market such as Toggl, Harvest, Time Doctor and many more! Install your favorite time tracking app to start using powerful features of RemoteTeam.

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Compliance Documents - W-8 BEN & W-8 BEN-E

Stay compliant by generating and managing tax and legal forms. Create, bulk collect, store and manage every form you need on RemoteTeam platform. You can get country specific independent contracts ready in seconds.

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Legal partners - PEO & EOR

There are more than 100+ legal partners around the world working with RemoteTeam. RemoteTeam attorneys will support you in every step to be sure you stay legally compliant.

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Independent Contractor Agreements

Manage documents and collect signatures for remote employees & independent contractors. Online document manager helps you sign, send, collect and store documents online.

Reduce your costs and increase efficiency with a HRIS system

RemoteTeam is an HRIS system that’s specifically designed to help small businesses and startups save time, manage benefits, schedule employees, and track hours and pay contractors worldwide.

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Increase employee engagement and productivity.

With our HRIS system, you can manage all your human resources needs from one platform.

Streamlined business processes.

Boost efficiency with automated time tracking, benefits management and payroll processing

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Increased employee satisfaction.

Improve work-life balance by giving employees access to their own self-service portal where they can book vacations or request time off

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